A Life Enriched with Friends

A Life Enriched with Friends

A Life Enriched with Friends

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People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

I truly believe in this sentence and I have experienced all of these scenarios in my life so far. To me, my friends are some of the most important people in my life and I feel so lucky and blessed to have them a part of it.

When I first heard this quote it kind of made me sad… Why would you just want a friend for a reason or a season? But I have come to realize that these don’t have to be negative experiences, we all grow and learn from every one of them.

Before my late husband Matt was diagnosed with brain cancer, we had a great group of friends that we would hang out with, played with on a  mixed ball team, went camping and just had fun with not a care in the world. These friends consisted of both couples and single people.

Once Matt got sick and we were in the full swing of treatments, our friends started to fade away; for a long time I was angry. Why didn’t our friends stick around, did they not know that we needed them? Now they weren’t all like this but a good portion of them were.

I remember talking to my Mom about it and saying I’d be there for them if tables were turned! I just don’t get it! In typical Mom fashion, she had a reason – maybe they don’t know how to act or what to say, they were all just starting their ‘adult’ lives and trying to figure it all out.

All of our friends were at the memorial service and it was so good to see them, but I still couldn’t let that hurt go. Years later I realized that my Mom was right and that I had to let things go and be okay with it all; they had their own things they were dealing with and I am so lucky that I have been able to rekindle some of those friendships.

I did have a great support system when Matt was sick that included friends, but these friends tended to be older. I joined a ladies ball team the year we got married, but this was no ordinary ball team – it was the team my Mom had played on for 15 years and they were her friends that I had known for years.  These women quickly became my friends, and if it hadn’t been for them and their love and support during and after, I don’t think I would have survived.

As life moved forward I met new friends and began re-building my life. Some of these friends were only for a season but it helped me get back out there, to enjoy life and to have fun.

During this time I became very close to some of my stamping friends and am so lucky to still have them in my life today and consider them my dearest friends. I have had so much fun not only stamping together but hanging out at dinner or the movies or taking trips together. These will be my lifetime friends!

Just shy of the one year anniversary of Matt’s passing I started a new job. I was hoping I’d make a few new friends but never imagined that they would become not only lifelong friends but would lead me to my amazing husband, Curtis!

My work friends and I started hanging out at lunch, which led to hanging out outside of work and on the weekend, and taking shopping trips down to the U.S. Through one of these friends, I met her friends – and soon formed dear friendships that I wouldn’t trade for anything! It was one of those friends who had a house warming party in the summer where I met my future husband for the first time.

My friends are so diverse and I wouldn’t want it any other way! They range from retired Grandmas to young Moms, to single ladies to a beautiful, strong, wise beyond her years University student!!! I love you ladies and can’t imagine my life without you all xo

How have friends enriched your life? Do you agree with the opening sentence… People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime?

Melissa Bernard
Melissa is not yet a mom but being a mom is definitely on Melissa’s radar! She and her husband have been married since 2011 and are currently living in the suburbs of Ottawa. Melissa is an independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and works outside of the home as well. She loves to travel and spend time with friends.
Melissa Bernard
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5 thoughts on “A Life Enriched with Friends

  1. Crystal McLeod

    Beautiful post Mel :) I find more and more lately I have been thinking about your opening sentence, and like you have realized that every person that I have come in contact with in my life had a purpose and was a blessing. You included! xo

  2. Megs

    This meant more to me than you will know…I remember venting to you in your dining room and having you say that opening sentence and I think it is so true and I thank you for blessing my life and supporting me. You are beautiful, strong and kind and I can’t wait to see what is next for you….love you girl! xoxoxxoox

  3. Melody Lachance

    Well what can I say?? Some people concentrate on the “negative” aspects of live, while others try to make the best of what they have been given. If we are lucky we have friends that are there to support us, make us laugh, share some tears and sometimes just to listen and shake their head. I have been so fortunate to have friends that I met in high school and we are still friends, I have met some amazing women through sports and our team is a team of “sisters”. I continue to still make new friends and that is healthy, as you said new friends should come into your life for a “reason”. If you are “very, very,” lucky you have certain friends that are like a part of you….I am blessed to have a sister who is also my friend, a sister who was and is now watching over us, a mom who is like my friend and of course an exceptional daughter who is my best friend. Life is an adventure that has mountains to climb, and valleys to relax in. The friends you met along the way play a special part in this journey, and what a ride it is. xxoo

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