Going Natural Part 3: to Take Care of Your Family

Going Natural Part 3: to Take Care of Your Family

Going Natural Part 3: to Take Care of Your Family

This post is the third part in a series of 4 posts that will offer tips and tricks on how to make the switch to natural, organic products in your home, personal care and for your family. Today’s post will deal with skincare and hair care for your kids and husbands. Stay tuned for my last post on cleaning your home.

Part 1 is available here

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green leafFinding and using natural, safe products is important to me. It’s also important to me that my whole family follow suit. When I started researching natural products, I had to use a bit of coersion for my husband to change his ways. He was a bit set in his ways, you see. He had been using the same products since he was a teenager, and here I was, forcing him to change! Oh, the horror!

I picked a couple of different products for him to try, and I won him over, one product at a time.

A lot of natural brands tend to cater to women (flowery smells, feminine packaging). There are few brands that cater to men. But here is a list of brand and products that men may like, or at least that my husband likes and uses:

When I got pregnant, of course I wanted this for my kid too. A lot of the same brands I like have lines for babies and kids:

  • Burts Bees baby line : all the products are excellent. I’ve used all of them at some point.
  • Green Beaver Jr. line : we use the shampoo and body wash and it’s great. Again, made in Canada (Hawksbury!) and all their products are amazing.
  • Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm Diapering Salve : for those of you using cloth diapers, this is a must. It works well on diaper rashes and doesn’t affect the absorbency of the diapers.

Of course, the same “rules” apply when picking products for your family as when you’re picking products for yourself: in particular, be weary of green washing (i.e. products that say they are natural but really aren’t) and read the ingredient list!

Also, keep in mind that babies have sensitive skin, and some can get reactions to some of the essential oils in some natural products. Keep away from scented products and prefer unscented ones. In general, that is a good rule to follow, even when using products that are not natural!

So, do you have any natural products that you like to use for your kiddos?

Aurelie Barbe
Aurélie is a Marketing and Communications Officer at the University of Ottawa. She is also a mom to a cute little boy named Samuel, born in December 2011. Aurélie likes to read, watch sitcoms, run and do yoga. She also blogs (when she finds the time) and tweets with the handle @aurelielb.

2 thoughts on “Going Natural Part 3: to Take Care of Your Family

  1. Brenda A

    I am so pleased to be reading the next instalment! I do find it important, however, to point out that some “green” and “natural” companies are actually owned by mega Fortune 500 companies and that your well intentioned dollar is still being funnelled into less than desirable companies. Burts Bees? Hello Clorox. Toms of Maine? Colgate-Palmolive. Body Shop (which I do not find natural at all!) is L’Oreal. Consumers are not readily made aware of parent companies and it is up to them to do the research.

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