OVM Christmas Giveaway, Day 12 (BONUS!): Win a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from Rogers! [CLOSED]


On the 12th Day of Christmas OVM gave to you…..

A BONUS Giveaway of a SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 courtesy of Rogers Canada!

Screenshot 2013-12-11 20.54.05

rogers_wirelessThe Samsung Note 3 will help simplify your busy life.

Open two apps at once on its large 5.7” full HD Super AMOLED display. Use the handy S-Pen to quickly jot down memos that can be automatically converted into new contacts, phone numbers and web searches.

The Note 3 is also a Category 4 smartphone, which means it can theoretically reach industry-first LTE maximum speeds of up to 150 Mbps on Rogers, Canada’s fastest LTE network. That means even faster downloads, smooth browsing and video streaming without buffering.

Learn more about the Samsung Note 3 from Rogers here.

Check out all of Rogers holiday promotions here.


How to Enter to Win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
A winner will be chosen when the giveaway period is over. Prize is not redeemable for cash. Thank you and good luck!

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  1. Krystal Moran says:

    Oh Pretty Please!!! :)

  2. I don’t own a cellphone so this prize would be FAB!

  3. Yes please!

  4. I’ve never had a cool phone before!!!! Opening two apps at once?!? wow

  5. I am embarrassed by my flip phone. A lovely grandma with her 2 grandkids ran me over with her cart in Farm Boy while I was answering my dinosaur. She laughed at me and nodded towards her grandbaby in the cart playing on her fancy-shmancy smart phone. Sigh.

  6. I don’t own a cell phone. No seriously…I’m not making this up. I’ve previously had 2 but gave up on them out of frustration and frankly….I just didn’t need ‘em. But this baby might make me change my mind!

  7. I’d love a new smart phone as I’m expecting baby #1 in March and I’d love a device where I can keep our schedule’s organized. A good camera will also be an important feature to take lots of pics of the new bub :)

  8. I would give it to my husband. Yes, he is a dinosaur that does not own a cell phone! I need it desperately for him so we can coordinate our schedules and be more efficient when I go back to work after mat leave.

  9. Awesome!

  10. I just need one badly! I would love something new and updated! I am excited about the big screen

  11. Chantal Coutu says:

    A new smartphone would be awesome! I have an overly outdated iPhone 3GS, and the pictures it takes are absolutely horrible. Since my smartphone is the only “camera” I carry around everywhere, most of the times the pictures I take of my kids or other things don’t turn out, unless the lighting is super bright. Also, my 3GS is no longer supported, so no updates allowed for my apps or OS. This Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would definitely solve all of those problems! :)

  12. Well since my cell phone ( a flip phone) fell in the toilet about 4 years ago…and I was so sad as It had my fav “Bon Jovi” song as my ring tone!! I have never had a another good phone. A few “pay as you goes” for when I have to travel with my girls but this would make my life much much eaiser….calandars, note pads and scraps of paper allllll gone as I can use my phone!! My daycare business will run that much smoother as well as my job as a mommy of twins!!! Fingers crossed ;)

  13. Really need a new phone..mine only works when it wants to :(

  14. I have a phone, from just over 8 years ago. Yes, you read it right, 8 years. I have been procrastinating buying a new phone because I just don’t want to spend the cash if this one still works.. but a freebie! I’d love that!

  15. Lisa Singleton says:

    I have an old blackberry, that shuts off and reboots itself at least 10 times a day which also eats the battery super quick. I cant afford a new phone so I put up with it lol. This phone would be amazing. I would love to use som ecool new apps.

  16. Jenn Szaraz says:

    My cell phone is from the 1980′s (okay, it just feels that way) because it has no features and lots of things that annoy me! I’d love a new one!

  17. I really don’t need a new phone, I like my HTC that I have now… but my hubby could use one… he still has the old flip phone with no internet and hard to text…. :)

  18. My cell phone is falling apart (I inherited my teenager’s old phone), I would love a new cell phone! Thank you for the great giveaway.

  19. I don’t need a new phone, but my husband does. His phone is some sort of slider thing, with horrible reception.

  20. Becky Bigras says:

    Would love to win this! Thanks for the contest!

  21. I BADLY need one…..still just have the flip talk and text one…so embarrassing lol I need to be modernized!!!!

  22. I need a note because I use my phone more for online then talking so this would be perfect!!

  23. I love the larger screen!

  24. I need a new cellphone so bad because I feel like I am being left out of the new technology that cellphones have these days and my old phone is becoming obsolete and starting become worn out
    With time. The feature I am most excited about is the Multitasking feature
    Because that feature I can do more of the things I want to do and need to do at the same time.

  25. I don’t need a new one especially bad!
    I really like the idea of having a larger screen on my phone!

  26. This would make my dude about the happiest dude in the world.

  27. Would love this! Love the bigger screen

  28. Good times!!!!

  29. Awesome!

  30. Brenda Penton says:

    My hubby needs a phone upgrade.
    I like the large screen. Would be perfect to replace a phone and a tablet.

  31. Karen Herrick says:


  32. My boyfriend recently broke his phone and we can’t afford to get a new one right now, the Samsung Galaxy would be an amazing surprise for him for Christmas!

  33. would love it for myself…about time I own one!!

  34. i don’t own a smart phone so I would love to have this one!!

  35. Sunshine G says:

    this would make a wonderful present for a friend who has lost hers!

  36. Andree Morel says:

    This would make a wonderful present for my husband.

  37. I need a new smartphone because my current phone is a super slow Froyo device. The quad core processor on the Note 3 will make running apps a breeze!

  38. Russell Porter says:

    Real bad. Mine is almost 4 years old. I love the Huge screen on the device. :)

  39. Would love an Android phone. I love how they sync everything so seamlessly (email, calendar, etc.)

  40. I need this very badly so I can doodle all day long with the SPen!! So want one of these!

  41. my phone is on It’s last legs! Love the fast download speed!

  42. Angela Mitchell says:

    I’ve never owned a smart phone before and my 3 year old phone has need better days. I would love a phone that could take decent pictures and that I could check my email on:)

  43. d williams says:

    My phone is 2 years old …. and getting moody. booo

  44. i did like a smartphone now, to compliment my studies

  45. Ouu I need a new phone.
    I love the 5.7” full HD :)

  46. I need a new smartphone because I don’t own a cellphone at all! The simple feature of being able to call someone when I’m not at home would be great!

  47. Suzy Smith says:

    I am sick of the iPhone – ready to to try an Android with a steadier cam.

  48. I would give this to my parents!

  49. My wifes Evo has served her well, but is about as useless as they come now. The inch and a half extra of screen and memory boost would be nice to surprise her with!

  50. i need a new phone because mine has a cracked screen. i like the multi tasking and the larger screen

  51. My poor Blackberry keeps giving me App Error messages so I could definitely use a new phone like this!

  52. My hubby would LOVE this!! Love the big screen!

  53. It’s on my daughter’s Christmas list. So unless we win it, she won’t be getting it. LOL!

  54. Christine M. says:

    My DS is going to junior high next year & I would feel a bit better knowing I can reach him. I would keep this one for me and give my iPhone 4s. Keeping in touch, the apps & the camera are all things making we want to do the switch to android :)

  55. This is on my hubby’s wish list

  56. I need one badly for my son! I love that you can open 2 apps at the same time!

  57. Melanie Han says:

    This would literally make me cry if I won this. This is perfect.

  58. In all honest words I dont own a smartphone right now. If I was able to snag this awesome phone I’d make the most out of it, The features I would want to try is the of course the camera and the multi-tasking on this phone. Like you wouldn’t need any laptop or desktop or even tablet. Everything is within the phone, and I think blogging is more convenient now on Galaxy note 3 on its new features. I’m looking forward to try as well High Definition of watching videos!

  59. Wow such a nice gift.

  60. I need a new phone. Being able to check my email while I’m outside.

  61. kim D'Angelo says:

    I need this, my current phone is constantly freezing on me :(. The super fast speed would be a real treat!

  62. It’s all about the apps…NEED a new phone :)

  63. This would be cool

  64. I would gift this to my niece!

  65. I don’t need a new smart phone, but could definitely gift one to a family member!

  66. I need a smartphone because I don’t have one, phone I have is 6 years old, all it does is call and text oh and it takes awful pics

  67. I am dying to get rid of my iPhone. I got the 5 when it came out and regret it. I am sick of iPhones.

  68. Lisa Brown says:

    well, since i do not have a cell phone at all, i need one bad :)

  69. Love Samsung products. Currently using an old Samsung phone from few years back. It’d be great to upgrade to the better Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone – most excited about its large screen (compared to my current small screen).

  70. Well I have an iPhone 4 (since more than 3 years) and it his scratched a lot by all the times I dropped it! The hardware is slooow! Would love a Samsung Galaxy :)

  71. I’ve always wanted an Android phone! Maybe this will be my chance :)

  72. My smart phone is dying, and I need an upgrade! I love the huge 5.7” full HD Super AMOLED display!

  73. KittyPride says:

    I need a new phone, I love the camera feature

  74. My current phone works fine for its talk and text capabilities but I need one with a better camera…i have a busy 9 month old who never sits still so every pic I try to get of her turns out to be a huge blur and I can’t afford a nice new phone or camera so this would be amazing for capturing those special moments !!

  75. Jodie Chadbourn says:

    I’ve had the same phone for 2.5 years, would be a nice upgrade!

  76. I’ve only had one smartphone in my life (and that has gotten stolen), and I’m really tired of hiding my flip phone in public. I want this phone so badly, I would give up chocolate over the course of my life for it! I’m really excited about the pen and the giant screen.

  77. How badly do I need a new phone??? Check out my Twitter feed and see how long I’ve been complaining about my pos BlackBerry Torch! Worst phone ever! Best feature of thr Note? It works! That’s already 100% better than my phone! Good luck me!

  78. Carol M (Lushka S) says:

    I need it badly because I don’t even have a phone or a tablet. I like the large screen

  79. I don’t need a new one super badly, but would like an upgrade.

  80. What a great phone would love to win.

  81. I would love to win this for my mom. I love the screen size of the phone:) thanks

  82. I want to give this phone to my mom. The big screen would be good. Her current phone is a flip phone and has a small screen. She even tells me that she can’t even see the pictures I send to her phone

  83. This would be so wonderful!

  84. My husband needs a new phone! His is old and scratched. The feature I think he would love is the ability to write down notes with the S-pen.

  85. My phone is old…time for an upgrade!

  86. Andrea Amy says:

    well my phone is barely working, pretty much ready to die, so badly!!

  87. I need a new phone badly! I have a really old blackberry that is on the brink of death. The battery drains from a full charge to 0% in 3 hours flat….arghhh! I’ve been looking at getting a Samsung Note 3 as my next phone. I love the availability of apps and the s-pen. This phone will be so much fun to use!

  88. I really need a cellphone. Still using a flip phone.

  89. danielle t says:

    since I don’t even have a smart phone I’d love to have one. as for features. I’d just love to be able to text and fb from my phone. apps to download would be cool too.

  90. I don’t have a cell phone. Since my son’s accident, I worry about leaving the house when he is at school. This phone would give me tons of freedom that I would love to have!

  91. I would love to have something more current. Love the s-pen capabilities. Maybe though would help me get organized in 2014?

  92. I’d love to upgrade my phone to the new Galaxy Note 3 – I just love the 5.7” full HD Super AMOLED screen

  93. I hope win

  94. I would love to win this for my husband who relies only on his ancient and only semi-functioning work phone. A new smartphone is not in the budget but he so deserves one!!

  95. Would love to win a new phone,fingers crossed! mine is barely hanging on and its never in the budget for a new one, the sacrifices of being a momma, and I’m not complaining wouldn’t trade a moment of it! I would love a new phone for the camera in al honesty, one lest thing to carry in the overpacked diaper bag so i don’t miss a moment with my kiddos!

  96. Darlene Schuller says:

    I currently don’t have one & for health reasons i need a phone. I love the speed!

  97. Abdul Wahid says:

    I am due for upgrade and need a new phone but I also want a tablet. This phone would be perfect for me as I can use it to make calls as well as take full advantage of the large screen and use it like a tablet for more creative work and allow me to multi-task work on the go. I absolutely love watching movies and this phone has got a beautiful screen along a superb camera that takes great shot. This would be the best Christmas gift ever as I am desperately in need of a new phone and also because I am a current owner of a Samsung phone and love the whole experience

  98. Tammy Dalley says:

    I need a new smartphone to replace my old slide keyboard phone, the 5.7” full HD Super AMOLED screen sounds really nice!!!

  99. Woozza!!!
    I really really really would love to win this

  100. I’d love to get it for my wife!

  101. the stylus

  102. Definitely could use a new phone!!

  103. Samantha S says:

    I need a cell phone and don’t have one! This would be awesome!

  104. I’ve been a cellphone refusenik for some years (I own two but refuse to use them). Now I’m gradually coming around to the usefulness of having one, but mine are seriously out of date. So a brand new up-to-date phone would be cool.

  105. Julie Bolduc says:

    My hubby needs a phone he does not own one n would love this

  106. i’m excited to try out the new KitKat os build

  107. I need one REALLY badly! my phone totally takes about 40 seconds from the time you click the button to take a picture till the picture is taken. A new update would be TOTALLY awesome! :-)

  108. Mary Anderson says:

    My hubby would love this upgrade. :)

  109. Shari Aronson says:

    My husband is using a really old blackberry, we sure could use this in our family! Excited to see the new OS too.

  110. Kim Dougherty says:

    Would love to win for my hubby as he REALLY needs a new phone!! I’m most excited about the big screen :)

  111. I would give it to my husband. I have a great phone but he definitely does not. He would love it

  112. Gail butler says:

    I am desperate for a new phone, please and thans!

  113. Looks cool!

  114. My old skool phone is not smart, it still flips! Cool that you can open 2 apps at once!!

  115. my hubby would <3 this for Christmas :)

  116. I am a Broadcast Communication student and will have my internship early next year. To have this amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would help me during my training with regards to communication. My favorite feature of the phone would have to be its handy S-Pen, so i could quickly jot down notes and memos in my internship time.

  117. Super want!

  118. I’m in need of a smartphone upgrade – bad! My flip phone contract is almost expired! I’m most excited about the apps!

  119. Tara Sagriff says:

    I don’t have a cellphone, would be nice to have one.

  120. Would love to try a non apple product :)

  121. My 8 y/o flip phone just isn’t cutting it anymore ;) Would love the apps & s-pen :)

  122. Need one bad, mine malfunctioning. Love that it has a large screen , my favorite feature

  123. New phone!!! I could use one…. I heard only geeat things anout playstore apps!!! 600k of them, wow

  124. I would love to win it to replace my old phone which has a broken keyboard and camera. Hopefully to reward my self from school in my rigorous studies. I LOVE the Note 3 with the 3GB of ram and amazing camera, as a tech and camera enthusiast. Crossing my fingers!

  125. stacey dempsey says:

    I very badly need a new phone. I have a 7 year old LG flip phone that cant even access the internet lol and my teenagers are embarrassed everytime I pull it out to use. I am definitely ready to upgrade my phone

  126. Rebecca Palmer says:

    I would love to win this for my husband!

  127. I need a new smartphone because I don’t own one , I am currently using my husbands old phone.
    I love that you can open to opens on the 5.7” full HD screen

  128. Doris Calvert says:

    I would love this my phone does not even have a camera! Pathetic I know, so that would be my favorite feature.

  129. I’d love a phone with an awesome camera!

  130. My iPhone 4 is starting to die and DH says no phone for me :-( Help me OVM, help!

  131. I need a new phone mine just took a bath in a snow pile today :( I love the camera and google play store :)

  132. Tell us is a really good company, a lot of people say it’s over rated but it’s not. They have a good selection of phones and are a competing provider..

  133. I want to win because my phone is at the end of it’s life, and I’ve been coveting a Note3 since it came out!

  134. Arvin Jhann says:

    Thank you so much guys for this wonderful chance to own such a great gadget like Galaxy note 3. This is a wonderful chance to each and everyone of us here. Thank you so much guys for this giveaway. God Bless you guys. God Bless all of us who will join this giveaway. Have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. :)

  135. WOW. Thanks my GOD so you heard my Praying.
    Because I am going to win GALAXY NOTE 3 today.
    WOW, WOW, WOW…

  136. Mark Villanueva says:

    I so badly need a new smartphone. The blackberry I have keeps freezing and it drives me nuts. ANd the feature im looking forward to the most is the camera.

  137. Travis Faulkner says:

    Im still rocking an OG Droid that doesnt really do anything anymore! I NEED IT!

  138. My kids would think I’m way cooler with the GALAXY Gear on too! Being able to join the TimePlay fun at Cineplex movies would be an added bonus.
    Winning the Sumsung GALAXY Note 3 would be music to so many ears as I would no longer have to ask random people to borrow their phone. I’ve yet to own my own and I’m a multidisciplinary artist, married, with kids.

    Having two apps open at once on the bigger screen whets my appetite. The S pen for jotting down song lyric inspirations and other creative ideas is very handy. The practicality of penned names and numbers going directly into my contact is a time saver. Faster downloads, smooth browsing and video streaming without buffering is excellent. Here’s to entering the smart phone age in style!

    Oh and being able to join in the TimePlay fun at Cineplex movies would be an added bonus!

  139. Hi, Thanks for the opportunity :)
    Would love to win this as a gift for my daughter so she can be happy and have a non stressful Christmas holiday this year! She has been wishing for this 3gb ram and s pen goodness!

  140. I’ve heard such great things about this phone, I would love one!

  141. Gabriel Chow says:

    I am still using an old school flip phone and it would make my work life so much more productive if I were to have a smartphone – to be able to access my work email, have a GPS on hand when I need to find a client’s place, the list goes on. The feature that most excites me about the Note 3 is “S-Pen” – I love to write out notes instead of typing it into a computer or cellphone, and this feature combines the best of both worlds!

  142. Dayna Wilson says:

    My phone actually doesn’t charge. My husband and I have to swap batteries at the end of the day, and then he charges the dead one up in his phone. It’s awful. I’m excited about the S-pen feature, that is SO cool.

  143. Janrhey Cerrado says:

    I don’t have any phone.
    I’m just dreaming of having a smartphone by watching videos and reading blogs
    I hope it will be given to me :)

  144. I had my phone stolen a month after I bought it, I need a replacement I really need a new one!

  145. I would give this to my husband who has an old blackberry… he would love to watch videos and have a gps app on his phone!

  146. I would love to surprise my wife over the holidays with news that she’s won a new phone to replace her ancient flip-phone (yes, she still has one of those!). Thanks for the chance to win! Love Samsung.

  147. I really need a new phone. My blackberry is becoming too glitchy. I am excited about the large screen and the android operating system.

  148. My step sister really needs a new phone, this would be a great gift with its large screen and android system like her old one!

  149. A.J. Carano says:

    I wouldn’t need a new phone if my current one wasn’t all cracked/scratched up from dropping it on the ground every day….lol

  150. I *really* need to keep up with technology. My current phone -blackberry – is more like a brickberry. Pretty useless nowadays. I would like to at least take pics of my girls that don’t come out all pixelated. :)

  151. I need a new phone because a dog ate my old one. I was walking my new puppy the other night, holding my phone in my right hand. A large dog came running towards us and I didn’t want my little girl to get attacked. I threw the only thing I had at the dog. My phone. It hit him, my protective rubber case flew off the phone and the dog ran away…..with my phone. I took my dog back home, grabbed a flashlight and went back out to look for my phone. I found it about a hundred feet from where it hit the dog. It was actually punctured right through just above the screen and bits and pieces were strewn about the road. I picked it all up, took the battery,sim card and memory out and tossed the rest in the garbage. I just hope I didn’t hurt the other dog.

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