When Do You Take the For Sale Sign Down?

When Do You Take the For Sale Sign Down?

When Do You Take the For Sale Sign Down?

What seems like FOREVER AGO, I wrote about listing out house for sale on the market and how excited I was!! Then that excitement quickly turned to frustration. Well now that we have had our house on the market for almost 9 months (NINE!!!) it is just getting down right sad – as I am rolling my eyes even writing that!

By this point, I had imagined that I would be posting lots of moving, DIY and house decorating posts. Yet here I am, with a For Sale sign at the end of our driveway, and no where near moving still!

The frustrations lie in not knowing what to do now! Having to have your house ready at a moments notice, with two kids and very active schedules is not making it easy! It is not like there hasn’t been interest – we’ve had probably over 20 couples through – 3 of which were back multiple times – one who even went to the bank (but didn’t get approved). So there is interest. We’ve also reduced our price a few times, and are not really wanting to go any lower than where we are to be honest. The house that we found and LOVED has since sold which was disappointing in it’s own right.

So what now?

We keep saying that we are just going to take the house off the market and maybe try again in a years time. But then I go outside, get attacked by swarms of mosquitoes – have to drive kids here and there – want to redecorate areas of my home….and I quickly realize why it was that I wanted to move to begin with. It is very frustrating that when we want something so much, yet it is out of our control for the most part.

So who has any tips for me? Have you been in a similar situation? What did you do (or what would you do)?

Crystal McLeod
Crystal is a work-at-home mom to two beautiful children. She and her husband have been married since 2004 and they live in a quiet little village just west of Ottawa. Never a dull moment doing the most important job there is – raising your family! Crystal is also a blogger for the CHEO Moms & Dads Blogger program.
Crystal McLeod

11 thoughts on “When Do You Take the For Sale Sign Down?

    1. Crystal McLeod Post author

      You are in town though right Shannon? You may have an easier time. Being stuck in the bush I think is part of the problem – the selection of people even looking to live where we are cuts the market down quite a bit!

      Thanks for the link, I forgot about that. My Dad did that too when they sold their house a while ago!

  1. Laurel

    Hi Crystal
    I can understand your frustration and know that a lot of sellers go through this. I definitely think you should hold tight to your dream and find a way to make it happen (keeping in mind that timing is everything and it will happen when it’s supposed to:)

    Have you thought about changing realtors? Not that yours isn’t good but it’s been awhile and perhaps an fresh and different perspective would help.

    Also, price adjustments don’t help the overall marketing of your home when there is more than one-people and other realtors (buyer agents) sit and watch this…. Sometimes it’s good to take your house off MLS and re list in a month with a new realtor (keen to take new and improved pics) and use the right “speak” to attract the right buyer as it really is all about attracting the right buyer for your house.

  2. Jenn

    It took us about nine months to sell our rural home so I completely understand your frustration. Here are three of my best tips, learned during that process.
    1. Hire a realtor who will agree to a month-to-month contract. As a contrast, our first realtor had a three month contract. We found that the realtor on the month-to-month contract worked harder for us. Perhaps it was just his style, but, it’s nice to be able to terminate a contract if you are not happy. Three months is a long time to wait.
    2. Ensure you realtor is only allowing qualified, pre-approved, buyers to view your home. Your realtor will confirm with the buyers realtor before an appointment is booked if they buyer is pre-approved for a mortgage and if your home is in the range of the budget.
    3. Select a realtor who markets in Ottawa as well in the valley. Often people want to get away from the bustle of city life and move to a country home. If your realtor only deals with local properties, you could be limiting the exposure your home is getting.

    I hope these tips are useful :)

  3. Peggy

    We’re taking our house off the market this weekend. It’s a rental property (our former home) and we decided that being landlords was not for us. We put it on the market on October 1 thinking we would sell by the time our tenants moved out on February 1. After 8 months on the market, 4 price reductions, over 100 viewings and 6 offers that fell apart for a variety of reasons, we’ve given up and have a new tenant (hopefully) moving in within the week. Our agent (who has been to hell and back for us trying to get us a deal that would work) told us that she hasn’t seen such a bad market since the early 1990’s. We’re in Kingston and apparently this is not uncommon in our area at the moment. We are planning to wait for a couple of years and try again. I wish I had some tips to share, guess I just wanted to let you know that you weren’t alone in your frustration. Good luck, whatever you end up doing!!

    1. Crystal McLeod Post author

      Thanks for reading and commenting Peggy! I have heard from many people since the time we listed that the market was slow all around. I was so excited and eager to list! I was sure our house would be different. So frustrating for sure! The worst is that my patience is low – when I want something I want it NOW, not to wait 9 months!

  4. Lyne Proulx

    My father just went through this. The market is slow, but also having the right agent made a big difference for him. He changed and the house sold in 2 weeks. Also, the agent recommended some improvements like taking out lots of furniture, decluttering, and and other stuff around the house with staging. Hope you do sell your house fast and hang in there!

  5. Peter Clarke

    Hi Crystal, so sorry you are having a tough time of selling your home. As Lyne mentioned above, sometimes an agent change can make a difference, but I always say (disclosure – I am a Broker) what sells a house are the “3 P’s”. PRICE is always #1 and you and your “agent” need to get this right from the get go. PRESENTATION is huge and a very close #2 – especially in a slow/competitive market. And PROMOTION is number #3. Of course I don’t need to tell you that promotion starts online these days as well over 80% of folks looking for a new home start browsing the Internets many sites for possibilities.

    Good luck with the sale – I am sure it will happen soon!

    Legal Obligation: Peter Clarke is a Broker with Your Choice Realty Corp., Brokerage

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